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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

26/01/09: Ireland signs as Founding Member of International Renewable Energy Agency

Renewable Energy will bring thousands of jobs and investment into Ireland
Dublin, 26th January 2009

Energy Minister Eamon Ryan today announced that Ireland has signed up as a member of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) at the Founding Conference in Bonn. IRENA will be the first international organisation to concentrate exclusively on renewable energy in both developed and developing countries. Its establishment has been promoted by the German government with the strong support of such countries as Denmark and Spain."

IRENA will promote the widespread and sustainable use of renewable energy worldwide - it is vital that we are involved", said Minister Ryan. Renewable energy can bring much needed international investment into Ireland, adding secure jobs into the bargain. It is the area of economic growth that we need to be involved in.
In 2008, we sent approximately €6 billion overseas for imported fossil fuels to meet our national energy demands. Renewable energy will reduce this bill.Ireland has the natural advantages, Government support and a willing industry ready to meet our target of 40% electricity from renewables over the next 11 years.
As a member of IRENA, we can link directly to the worldwide investment of more than $148 billion in this sector, creating opportunities for Irish companies, both existing and emerging. In energy terms, we are nothing if we stand alone. The foundation of this Agency puts renewable energy on a firm inter-Governmental footing. This is a sector as much in our economic interest as to our environmental benefit. It is the right strategic direction for the world and is most definitely the correct move for Ireland."

IRE NA's main activities will include:
* Providing concrete policy advice for developed and developing countries (e.g. to help them improve their regulatory frameworks)
* Promoting technology transfer and providing advice on financing and enhance capacity building
* Facilitating access to all relevant information including reliable data on the potential of renewable energy, best practices, effective financial mechanisms and state-of-the-art technological expertise.

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