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Monday, April 27, 2009

28/04/09: EurObserv’ER consortium releases their Renewable Energy Barometers

28/04/09: EurObserv’ER consortium releases their Renewable Energy Barometers

See link to download Barometers for Renewable Energy Technologies


9 533,3 MWc in the EU 

Spain and Germany set the pace for the world photovoltaic market in 2008, which grew to more than twice its 2007 size. The European Union continued to drive photocell installation with an additional 4 592.3 MWp in 2008, or 151.6% growth over 2007. However, European growth prospects for the photovoltaic market in 2009 are being dampened by the global financial crisis and the scheduled slow-down of the Spanish market.

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65 GW in EU

The globalisation of wind energy is on the move. Installed wind power worldwide raced past the symbolic threshold of 100,000 MW in the course of the year with an installed capacity estimated at 120,823.5 MW worldwide. The world has never known an energy sector develop so quickly. Although growth in the European Union market fell slightly in 2008 (- 1.8% at 8,447.1 MW), growth was spectacular in the United States (+ 59.4% at 8,358MW) and in China (+ 90.7% at 6,300 MW).

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66.4 MTOE of solid biomass produced in the 
european union in 2007

Primary energy production from solid biomass increased more slowly in the 27-member European Union in 2007. First available estimations evaluate production in the region of 66.4 Mtoe, i.e. only 0.7 Mtoe more than in 2006. While the exceptional climatic conditions of 2007 explain this slowdown, evolutions remain contrasted between the different EU countries and do not always reflect the same realities.

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A 2 000 MWTH market

After two years of very strong growth, the solar thermal market (taking all technologies (including unglazed flexible collectors into account) marked time in 2007 with 6.9% less collectors being sold with respect to year 2006. In the end, this market reached 2.9 million m2 vs. 3.1 million m2 in 2006, i.e. an equivalent capacity of more than 2 000 MWth. This decrease is explained for a large part by a strong decline of the German market, the largest market of the European Union. Conversely, other countries are continuing to develop their markets and are showing double-digit growth rates.

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For the first time, EurObserv’ER is publishing a survey of renewable energy recovery from incineration of municipal waste. This sector of activity, which is entirely linked to the issue of municipal
waste treatment, represents a considerable portion of renewable energy production. According to the first available estimations, 6.1 Mtoe of energy was recovered in 2007 in the European Union, i.e., a growth of 6.3% in relation to 2006.

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The major increase in the price of fossil fuels has made biogas more attractive.The applications of biogas – which were once limited to recycling and/or recovering energy from waste – have widened with the use of energy crops. This has stimulated European production, which has now reached 5.9 Mtep, i.e., a 20.5% increase in relation to 2006.

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Biofuels barometer

7.7 Mtoe consumed in EU in 2007

Biofuels represent 2.6% of the energy content of all the fuels used in road transport in Europe today. Nearly half of the target of 5.75% for 2010 set by the directive on biofuels has thus been reached in four years time. 
To achieve 5.75%, the European Union is going to have to increase its production and doubtless call even more on imports, at a moment when biofuels are found at the core of complex ecological and economic issues.

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